WECK® Cookers and Accessories

Preserving made easy with the WECK® cookers and helpful accessories.


WECK® Cookers


If you want to use the WECK jars for their original purpose and preserve food, make jam and alike, the electrical WECK cookers are an ideal addition to your equipment. In addition, the cookers are popular for keeping soup or mulled wine hot.

The cookers are available in two different materials: stainless steel and enamelled steel.

Each model fits 14 jars à 1 litre, which makes them ideal also for bigger quantities.

Stainless Steel

The cooker is made of non-corrosive 18/10 steel, which can be used in professional kitchesn. These models have a closed pot bottom and are equipped with 230V and a 2000W heater.


  • WAT 25 including a timer (as in image above)
  • WAT 25 A including an outlet tap and a timer


The classic among the cookers is made of enamelled steel. These models have a closed pot bottom and re equipped with 230V and a 2000W heater.


  • WAT 14 (as in image above)
  • WAT 14 A including an outlet tap
  • WAT 15 including a timer



In case one wants to make juice out of the fruit harvest, a juicer is a good amendment. There are two different versions available:

One can be put on top of the cookers (except old model WMT 10), has an integrated outlet tap and comes along in a white colour.

The other juicer can be inserted in the cookers (except WMT 10) and is available in black.

Both juicers are delivered with the necessary sieve and the respective lid.

WECK® Accessories

For preserving food one rubber seal, made of natural rubber, and two WECK clips per jar are essential. The WECK book is also a great guidebook on how to think of all necessary steps when preserving, including basic and classic recipes.


Next to this, the jar lifter, funnel and labels are helpful, too. Especially the jar lifter is an indispensable tool for preserving, as the jars need to be taken out of the hot/warm water after the cooking process is completed.

The Keep-Fresh-Covers are a perfect alternative to the glass lid and can be nice and handy, if you want to store open jams and alike. They are available for all five mouth diameters in classic white.